Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Install acoustic panels, do I need professional help?

All ACOUSTIC INBOX acoustic panels can
be easily installed yourself using spray adhesive. Just spray adhesive on the
back of the panel or directly on the wall, and it sticks instantly. You can use
SR Adhesive locally available in the market.

How much do I need for soundproofing my room ?

Soundproofing consists
of 2 things majorly, Sound Isolation and Echo Treatment. If you cover 50-60 %
area, it will help in echo treatment; if you cover 100% of the area then it will also
isolate the sound.

Will it stick directly on the wall or I need to apply wood first?

ACOUSTIC INBOX Acoustic Panels or other
products can be applied directly on any surface be it wood, brick wall,
cemented wall, false ceiling, POP, glass, ceramic tiles etc. using adhesive.

How can I return the product?

For returns, please send us an email at
by specifying your name and order number in the first instance

What are the refund policies?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for
reasons of buyer's remorse (purchased the wrong design/size/undelivered
address, etc.). Therefore, please be 100% sure about what you want to buy
before placing your order and that the address is correct!