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Oblique Stripes Groove Acoustic Panels Set of 6, 12"x12"x 9mm, Pink

Oblique Stripes Groove Acoustic Panels Set of 6, 12"x12"x 9mm, Pink

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Pink Oblique Stripes Groove Acoustic Wall Panels are multi- purpose decorative acoustic panels that are highly effective at reducing noise and absorbing sound in any environment. These are made from Polyester Fiber and recycled PET giving you environment friendly sound absorption performance. These panels are designed to optimally fit on walls.


  • PACKAGE & SIZE : Each package comes with Pink Groove 6 panels and can cover up to 6 square feet of area. Package includes 6 packed set of Oblique Stripes Groove Acoustic Wall Panels. Size – 12 Inches x 12 Inches x 9MM. Groove Acoustic Wall Panels density : 180Kg -200Kg/m3.
  • EASY TO INSTALL : Sound proof padding easy to install, simply attach spray adhesive or 3M double-sided tape (not included) to the back of each panel and place in the desired position.
  • QUALITY and ECO-FRIENDLY : Made with 100% Polyester Fiber, it is both safe to breathe and touch, making it great for any location in the home, office, public spaces or studio. Odorless, Non-toxic, and Formaldehyde-free making it safe for adults, kids, and pets.
  • FASHIONABLE APPEARANCE :This unique sound insulation board adopts Square edge design, which can not only reduce and absorb unwanted echoes, waves, reverb and flutter echoes, but also play a role in decorating the wall surface. 
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